Straight-shooting with Rachel Landon

16 Jul , 2015  

Tucson, Newton, Charleston. That these cities leave a bad taste in your mouth for any other reason than their disgusting namesake food stuffs is a testament to the hard work, discipline, and sacrifice required to attain the American Dream.

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Review: ‘Amy’ (2015)

10 Jul , 2015  

Making extensive use of archival footage and photographs (supplemented with occasional location shooting), Kapadia has pieced together an incredibly thoughtful, compelling film, restrained without seeming to withhold and frank without seeming to exploit.

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Review: ‘The Gallows’ (2015)

10 Jul , 2015  

In 1993, high schooler Charlie Grimille was killed in a freak accident during a school production of The Gallows. Twenty years later, the school is staging the play again and, well, you probably already know where this is going but let’s go into specifics anyway. In a school where drama is a mandatory class and […]