Who We Are

What do Peja Stojakovic, Richard Kline, and Weird Al Yankovic all have in common? The answer: their autographs all reside amongst Natalie’s most prized possessions. A Rice graduate with what some might call an eclectic set of interests,  Natalie loves all things pop culture. Though now a Houston transplant,  Natalie is still a proud San Antonian – the only thing she loves more than old tv shows and even older films is her San Antonio Spurs.

She moved to Houston at the tender age of 17 for the sole purpose of earning a fancy, can’t-you-see-this-gold Rice degree but, thanks to the uni’s RZA ridiculous transfiguration skills, she turned into one of those evil, rabid owls with crazy eyes and a permanent mean mug. She also became one the hardest, hard-core Houstonians you’ve ever met or will meet. She loves the things about Houston that you hate – the heat, the traffic, the humidity–and the things you love– diversity, oversized portions, Queen Bey. And after 12 years living in Clutch City, she’s a Wise Owl who can rotate her head 270 degrees and pass dissectible pellets for disinterested high school kids. But for your sake, she resists the call of the wild.